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Great designs that carve the interior spaces and captivate the essence of individual spirit

Studio Elements is a reputed Thane-based interior design firm that is known for its distinct ability and thoughtful approach in designing and furnishing exquisite homes and offices. With the versatile team of architects, interior designers, visualizer, contractors, project managers, supervisors, we embrace and empower meaningful change to the space. Studio Elements has been recognized and awarded as the best interior designing and architect firm for the residential projects. Several leading organizations look to our expertise to design environments that brings about a meaningful change at all levels. Studio Elements have built a name for itself over the last fifteen years with over a thousand successful projects to its credit.


 “Studio Elements creates the design that blend the style & comfort utilizing each corner of the space implementing the innovative and original ideas.”

We aim to deliver a high quality services to all our client’s and craft their spaces in the most creative and unique way that provides them the emotional identity, security and luxury. Our clients vision is the foundation of our design. Our team then bring into perspective our wisdom of Color, Texture, Form, Lines, and Space and undertake the responsibility of bringing your imaginations into reality. We believe, the difference is in the details. Hence we work with you to create an exquisite and functional design. At Studio Elements, we create designs that blend style & comfort while utilizing every corner in the available space. By responding to the needs, values and aspirations of our clients, we create environments that work and inspire.


A home that makes you feel like heaven is every common man’s dream. It is a place where any individual can puts aside all their worries and retreat within yourselves for some time. Home is the sacred abode that becomes their emotional identity with the journey of their life. It gives them the sense of comfort and security that eases their daily situations of life. This is the incredible power and impact of interior design.


The corporate interiors is empowered by our teams industry knowledge, expertise and in-depth research and analysis of your company culture and workflow. Incorporating this, our team derive the right workplace strategy for your organization. Our team work towards transforming your workplace that includes your company’s branding and facilitate in employee retention, increased productivity leading to better business performance.


Keeping up with the growing needs of the property developers, Studio Elements offers a variety services specifically tailored to the needs of builders. Our distinct project portfolio includes sample flat, club house, lobbies, gyms, sales offices. Our experience in designing and installing show flats within the given time and budget constraints has ensured repeat business from our developer clients for many years.


Amidst the fast-paced energy of city life, Studio Elements combines subtle color and personalized decor layout in sync with the brand identity for all our retail clients. Our customized design solutions result in high-style glamour and simple, sophisticated retail spaces. Encompassing even the minutest detail, we ensure to draw and retain the customers by designing the retail space with a unique technique and magnificent art.


Hospitality are the most welcoming spaces where the first impression forms the last impression. The team of Studio Elements creates an ultimate design that provides an extraordinary sensory experience with even the smallest design detail. Our design integrates the expertise of planning, interior design & branding. The blends creativity & style provides an extraordinary guest experience, brand loyalty in all sectors of luxury & hospitality.


  • Planning & Approval
  • Ideation & Conceptualization
  • Design & Creation
  • Execution & Installation

During this phase client’s needs and objectives are identified. Upon a thorough space analysis, we discuss our plan of design to our clients and also listen to their needs and requirements.

Sharing our ideas and concepts plus taking our clients viewpoints is of utmost importance as it gives a particular shape to our project work in a bigger way. After a series of discussions when our clients and our team are on the same page we start to design the blueprints of our design.

As per the discussion with our clients, our team drafts the technical drawing including furniture layouts, lighting arrangements and floor plans. Taking the approval of our clients, we march ahead with our on-site work.

As per the final approval given by our clients, we implement our designs on- site to make their dream space come true. Upon installation we also remain in constant touch with our clients to ensure their complete satisfaction.