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Great design is about the right mix of functionality and beauty

Studio Elements is a reputed Thane-based interior design firm that is known for its distinct ability and thoughtful approach in designing and furnishing exquisite homes and offices. With the versatile team of architects, interior designers, visualizer, contractors, project managers, supervisors, we embrace and empower meaningful change to the space. Studio Elements has been recognized and awarded as the best interior designing and architect firm for the residential projects. Several leading organizations look to our expertise to design environments that brings about a meaningful change at all levels. Studio Elements have built a name for itself over the last fifteen years with over a thousand successful projects to its credit.

Interior design is the term that comes to the mind when you think of Studio Elements. We acquire vast and enriched experience in creating germane designs for residences, corporates, retails, developers and hotels. Studio Elements has successfully executed over 1000 projects with an experience of more than a decade. We guarantee a unique, original and innovative design that stupefies and satisfies our clients.

Complementing the services of interiors designs, we house the exquisite artefacts that is curated and handpicked from the various parts of the world. Placing an artefact in any place brightens the space and the cultural ambience. Studio Elements provides the platform to various artists and craftsman to showcase their products and thus encourage them to build upon their dreams. Our passion for art and creativity, makes for an equitable union bringing out the finest designs and artefacts, for one’s home & commercial place.



A color might evoke different emotions in different people. Choosing a color that suits your personality and the space at hand, is a matter of using the perfect hues and choosing a tasteful palette.

Did you know: “Purple is the color of royalty. It is associated with creativity and imagination, too.”

For a color you like, we know how to change the exact tone, shade or saturation to turn it into a color you’ll love.


Texture can be use to break the monotony in a room, by adding an element of surprise. Texture poses as a subtle yet powerful element. When used well, it can add depth and dimension to any room.

If Color changes the way a room ‘looks’, Texture changes the way a room ‘feels’

Textures can be added to walls, the floor, to furniture or as pieces of accessories such as rugs, or curtains.


The placements of components in a room can play a key role. Form is the shape your room takes when you add furniture to it. The element form is dominated by shape, balance, symmetry, and adds beauty, organization and functionality.

“Furniture has stories to tell, let them be heard”

Form can be enhanced by the element of texture.


Lines are fundamentals of architectural design. Lines introduce a perception of depth, length and height to a room. Lines stimulate vision and can be added as elements of stability, movement, grace.

“Lines can range from graceful subtlety to organized chaos: Your call”

We can go beyond horizontal and vertical lines, and introduce you to diagonal and curved lines, or a well-balanced combination of different forms.


The structure of your room is Space and is the fundamental element of interior design Spaces triggers our creativity and imagination.

“Interior designing is an art, and Space is the canvas”

Space planning is key to great design. We prioritize creating functional spaces over creating beautiful spaces.


Architect Trupti Shailesh Puranik


Mrs. Trupti Puranik is a well-known name in the field of interior designing. An alumnus of JJ School of Architecture, Mrs. Trupti Puranik is amongst the leading architects & interior designers in India. With her technical expertise, sound designing skills and an experience of over 15 years, Mrs. Trupti Puranik has excelled in designing aesthetic interiors for both residential and commercial spaces. With her forte being voguish space designs, she is focused on creating intuitive concepts, as per the client preferences incorporating the latest trends and practices. She made her entrepreneurial debut along with Sheetal, who is also her partner at “Studio Elements” from the year 2001. Under her able leadership and vision the team of Studio Elements has successfully completed 1000+ projects. Her perseverance and passion for her work has gained her accolades from the clients and several rewards and recognition for the excellence and contribution in the field of interior design and architecture.

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