Are You Making These Blunders While Designing Your Home?

Designing your home is much more a task of responsibility then just deciding where the sofa should go and which showpiece should be placed where. In this line of work we have seen many good, bad and strange designs when it comes to Interior Designing. It takes no time to take wrong decisions which are very hard to change. So take a look at these easily avoidable mistakes to which any one of us can fall prey of.

1. Choosing a Colour Palette Which Does Not Coordinate

We are always favouring to use a colour. Using a colour or two brightens the room, but if a colour is used all over the room its nothing then a décor disaster. Contrary to peoples thinking, using an odd set of colours will not create a dashing look as you must have read in the Architectural digest. There’s a thin line between being colourful and chaotic, if there is no colour palette that grounds your design then your room may look disjointed. But if you choose a colour scheme which is very flexible, then it can bring the room together looking very beautiful.

2. Choosing the Colour Before Choosing Your Furniture

It is a common trend that people choose the colour of the paint while redecorating their home. It’s a classic case of putting the cart before the horse. We suggest you settle on the important fabrics to be used first. First choose the curtains, pillows and the rugs. If this is done then the colour choosing process becomes much easier. If you choose the colours first, it actually complicates the things because finding furniture which matches the colours you have chosen can get tough, really tough.

3. Pushing the Furniture Against The Wall

This option seems really practical according to common misconception that pushing the furniture against the wall will make your space look bigger…well it’s a misconception. For making the space more look more spacious and inviting there should be a distance of at least 7 cms between your walls and your furniture. If you ask for our advice, you can pull out a piece of furniture or two and allow them to “float” around in the room We know that following rules are a little boring but following some basic interior designing rules can make your efforts to design your home go in the right direction.