Color that suit your life

“Colors speak louder than words”

Color is the visual language understood by all and communicate to people through interior designing. When one walks in any space, the visuals translate the color and color combination interpreting the style, mood and overall comfort. Colors are known to impacting the moods of people and act as an incredible reservoir for energizing or relaxing their mind. A particular color speaks volumes through its various shades and tone. So choosing an appropriate color is an important aspect of interior designing.

Warm colors like red, orange and yellow galvanize the entire space and cool colors like blue, green and purple create a quiet and serene atmosphere and make the environment stimulating or over stimulating. Different areas of home have different requirements. If we talk of the living area, it has to be lively, active and exciting,a kitchen should provide a refreshing feel and bedroom for regaining the composure and peace.Soft colors of baby pink and blue can be used to paint the nursery, passive color codes are used in bathrooms to provide the pacifying and tranquilizing effect. So accordingly, the colors are to be selected and applied to space. Similarly, the colors are chosen for the different sectors of office as well. Hospitals usually have white colors to enable the visitors’ calmness, the children ward have the bright colors that uplift the enthusiasm of any child patient. The new age digitech companies have vibrant colors blue, green, orange that charge up their employees for work. Electronic companies prefer the eclectic mix of black and white color. Many restaurants and pubs prefer to have bright colors to heavily attract customers.

Colors can be used in a variety of ways that either coordinate or contrast the settings. The perfect use of colors creates a visual delight to people. In case of color selection during the interior designing, it is not only essential to follow the trends but it is important to choose based on your personal sense of space. As colors have the solid power of influencing people and day to day moods also. Too pale color can be depressive and annoying, too bright colors can sometimes itch your eyes. As color has the reach to create various effects of dramatic, interesting, eclectic feel, one should be careful when choosing the tones and shades of colors. A fresh coat of paint can rejuvenate an interior minimizing the cosmetic and architectural defects.

Using various combinations of colours, you can introduce various shades of emotions, be it pleasant, aggressive, comfortable, intimate and even dramatic. Colours can completely alter your life experience for the moment. Before choosing the color from a wide color palette, it is of prime importance to keep in mind which age group you are targeting children, young or elderly. For elders, visual resolutions should be lower. Contrast colors can be creatively implemented. Color schemes may vary with the physical and geographical location, hot and bright climate to cold and dull weather.Color schemes may vary with the physical and geographical location, hot and bright climate to cold and dull weather.

Paints set the mood of the space so while designing your home or office thoroughly gauge the pros and cons while choosing the color that would fill your life with vibrancy and uniquely resonate the expressions of your life.