Concept of Design and Interior

Design is about function, value, beauty and purpose. It is a craft honed through time and experience. The team of Studio Elements has perfected this art for more than 15 years. Design concept is the visual entity that communicates the story of an individual. Design is about style, color, mood, harmony, contrast, comfort and convenience. The themes and concepts reflects the mood and inclination of the clients that whose homes and offices we beautify. Our conceptualization in the interior designing is based on certain parameters that imparts a particular formation to the space providing an alignment, symmetry, rhythm, balance and harmony to the environment. Different styles of interior designing have their rich history behind them that encompass classic art pieces, antique elements and objects.

Some of the trendiest concepts in the interior design are

  • Open concept home
  • Minimalism
  • Modern
  • Contemporary
  • Industrial
  • Mid-century modern
  • Traditional
  • Transitional
  • Rustic
  •  Vintage

We would discuss some most popular themes in interior designing that are widely chosen by the clients to design their space. Number one comes the traditional interior style that includes the elements of wood paneling, neutral pallete with vibrant colors of furniture. The rich dark tones with perfect symmetry form the vital aspect of the traditional designs. Following this, is the modern theme design.The modern home décor have open floor plans, intentional asymmetry and replacement of accessories with the art. The use of neutral with primary and bold color provides a contrasting look that greatly defines the concept of modern interior style. Materials like metal, chrome or glass are streamlined with polished, smooth and sleek surfaces. Adding to this, the combination of black and white go hand in hand that makes the entire space look more exotic.There is no extra-ness in the design which eventually contributes to the simple and sophisticated look. Next comes the contemporary style which is often confused with the modern design style. But the basic difference is that, contemporary style includes open space, plenty of light, straight lines, and usage of glass, wood and in some cases the interior has an unusual layout. Use of natural light with the strategic lighting design is a style statement in itself. Contemporary designs are the most fluid designs that are according to the current trending styles which are constantly evolving and carrying a modern touch to them, thus they do not resort to any particular style. Another most well-liked is transitional theme that incorporates the elusive style spanning multiple styles of modern and contemporary design elements. Textured elements such as wood, glass, lacquer, fabric, steel and metal are incorporated in the designs. Limited use of accessories and impactful art as focal points and are the key features of the transitional interior design elements.

The other vivid styles of design includes the Vintage, Rustic, Craftsman, Industrial, Minimalist, Bohemian, Asian themes and many more. The theme is not just the style but reflects the culture and emotions of an individual or a community. There is no fixed shore or pattern for creative and artistic work and it goes beyond one’s imagination. Studio Elements provides the best structure to the most unstructured space that encompasses the style and design providing the most humanizing and personalized experience to their clients’. Our team not just design the interiors for the visual elegance but also that provides them with the emotional identity, comfort and luxury that makes their home as paradise.