Creating Retail Spaces: – Spaces that you want to linger on shopping!!

Retail Spaces are not only about creating great shopping experience; sometimes what the business wants to sell is their culture, fun stuff etc. Key to success of any retail space is enough space to walk around along with the factor that customers have the options and space to look at products/services in a comfortable pace. The vast plethora of things to look at, touch or read makes that space real super cool. A cramped space without much lighting creates a very bad experience for shopping and the number of repeat customers will be very less. In retail business repeatability factor is the major takeaway of giving them a good shopping experience. This ensures that you build a loyal customer base!!

Studio Elements believes in smart design that can transform a plain looking space to a highly utilitarian space with better lit interiors and well-spaced display options. We understand the consumer psychology of using a space or coming back for a shopping experience!! We give very much importance to user interface and user experience when we design retail spaces. User interface is more about the space that you want to have for the shopping experience, hierarchy of placing things, the lighting etc. User experience is more about the analytical approach to the customer psychology i.e. by placing the right signage, offering products that enhance customer experience, aesthetics, etc. A perfect blending of UI and UX is a perfect retail design.

Studio elements team believes in understanding the major components in retail space design before they come up with a plan or logistics. The major components are store design and customer flow. Store design should encompass all space management activities like displays, lighting signage etc. Customer flow is designing the layout based on the way customers interact with merchandise or how they usually navigate through a store. Studio elements versatile team offers its retails customers various layout and patterns based on the geography of the store, customer analytics and need of the client. The layouts vary from straight store layout, loop store layout, grid layout to a mixed store layout depending on the need of the client and the shopping experience the customers need. The first and foremost part in designing comes with:

  • Understanding the budget and retail space
  • Analysis of the space and needs of the customer and coming up with an optimum space layout plan
  • Decide on the store floor plan
  • Consider traffic flow and consumer behavior in store design
  • Layout of store checkout area is also of prime importance

A retail store has one goal and one goal only: to get consumers over the threshold of a store, and influence them to part with their cash.

There are many other factors as well that makes the shopping space visually enticing

  • The visual merchandising or the retail window design has to be of prime importance
  • The psychology to slow down the customer in the store way: – Modern consumers are extremely busy and have a tendency to shop in a hurry. It is the job of retail interior design to slow down this journey and increase dwell time in the store. Cramped spaces are a disadvantage that ways.
  • Clearly mark the customer pathway in the store so that there is no confusion.
  • Customers should be steered to the right of the store and the layout should capture.

At Studio Elements we make the most of the available shop space and come up with the best design that blends all aspects of retail shopping to create an elevating shopping experience!! Designing useable and innovative shop designs are our passion and we ensure that we make it an enriching experience.