Decorating with Rugs

Whether you are decorating home or re-decorating it, there is always an opportunity to create a cozy space in some chosen area which looks most inviting to you at the end of a hectic day. One great way of getting that warm and cozy area is by using a rug which can serve as a luxurious and attractive décor element. While floor marble tiles can be expensive and make you feel bound to them for long, rugs can be changed now and then. A sense of balance is what you desire when you use an area rug for the surrounding flooring since it also acts like a frame. This adds great style besides the warmth in any room. Sometimes having a large room sized rug, is also a great idea for it gives a wide and large look and feel to a room.

The beauty of a handmade rug in silk or wool woven in traditional or modern designs is unparalleled. The designs can be chosen as per your home interiors.  At times two rugs in an area break the monotomy and give the room a unique design theme and color. Besides floor rugs there are also wall rugs and they have the potential to provide a great visual appeal when used as head boards or as a background décor theme in a particular area. Such rugs can be rectangular, square, or round depending on your furniture and furnishing theme and arrangement.

Choosing the right rug size is an important parameter for an area rug should just fit the purpose whether it is to add some warmth or to attract attention. The color of the rug can be chosen as per the wall color, furniture color and accordingly the color can be kept light or dark, serving as a contrast as well.

Layering rugs in living rooms or using them over carpets sometimes gives a great feel but one needs the perfect sense so that one doesn’t overdo it. Know that sometimes area rugs are a substitute for carpets and ensure that the large spares still look expensive and not cut out. The simple formula designer Trupti Puranik uses is to define the perfect location within your home or office and then create a visually appealing statement by choosing just the perfect ring that compliments the design theme of that space. This lends a colorful treatment to your floor and the right choice of color and pattern within the rug just sets the right mood and vibe. A geometric or a traditional floral or an occasional bright round area rug, whether on floor or the wall becomes inviting and influences the décor style that values your space not just look beautiful, but also big on personality and comfort.

So what are you waiting for? Book a consultation with our designer team or choose amongst our range of rugs and add that much needed flair in your living space today!