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Healthy and happier employees are more productive and likely to collaborate with colleagues. They are more likely to innovate and benefits the organization in the biggest way. With the rapid globalization and increase in workload it has become extremely essential to design the interiors of the workplace strategically that make it a highly productive as well as an enjoyable place. A thoughtfully designed workplace allows the employees to leave the offices better than when they arrive. The good interior of the workplace leads to higher engagement of the employees that can exemplify the overall organizational performance.

Today workplace is the hub, with the influx of professionals from various backgrounds and of different age groups which make it a challenge to the designers to accordingly carve the spaces that provides them with utmost fun and satisfaction. Studio Elements transform the co-working spaces to community.

Some key aspects to incorporate while designing the interiors of offices are:

1. Long hours of sitting has some hazardous impact on the body, to integrate the indoor walking paths and create space where stand-up meetings can take place.

2. Providing easy access to water and healthy snacks – at some point of time in a day, employees loose energy and when the exhaustion strikes, most of them turn up to a cup of coffee.

3. Humans are instinctively bonded with nature. Filling the workspace with plants, natural light, fresh air and other natural components that reduces stress, relaxes employees and fosters productivity.

4. Acoustics – the background noise such as the one of keyboard sound, co-worker on a conference call can cause disturbance and disruptions in the work engendering to fatigue. Achieving appropriate noise levels is a tricky balance of art and science. But achieving this crucial aspect is the paramount that shields the workers from stress causing distraction.

5. Workspaces should provide access to natural daylight and augment it with the automated controls. When the office absolutely cannot use natural light, well-designed light sources can work as a substitute.

6. Installing comfortable furniture to help mitigate stiffness and incorporating flexible workstations allows the workers to change the postures, a well-placed staircase will encourage the workers to move around more than they normally would.

7. Allowing the employees to control their environment that optimizes their comfort level .

8. The visual stimulation excites and charges an individual senses and contributes in channelizing their energy and focus. To design the spaces with soothing textures and colors with appropriate levels of light that makes it visually alluring and keeps things fresh.

9. Any workspace should provide access to natural daylight and augment it with an automated controls and variety of lighting levels and colors.

10. The emerging phenomena of “work from anywhere” has made it essential for the organizations to build a special space that mimics this anywhere working variety. The best amenities that optimize the work, such as work cafes, quiet / focus zones, and innovation hubs. To compel people to come to the workplace, spaces should be curated to match people’s needs throughout the day.

Workplace is the space where an individual spends the maximum time of their day, so it is of utmost importance to take care of their health and well-being. More than anything, interior design of an office visually translates the story of the company and also communicate a company’s culture to clients. The team of Studio Elements crafts the spaces in distinct styles that meets the requirements of the different sectors and its people. From the width of the corridors to the color of the lampshades, the interior design of an office is very influential when it comes to a company’s performance and its impression on visitors. In the fast paced age, we create unique experiences that convey a sense of value, story and purpose.