Design your Dream Kitchen

Got bored of your old kitchen or do you wish to add a fresh touch of colour and warmth to your kitchen? Know that Studio Elements is here to help you create your perfect kitchen with its huge array of kitchen ideas, that too in a budget that suits you. The founder of  Studio Elements Trupti Puranik is a great designer who has been creating designer kitchens with her unique style ideas and innovative solutions. When questioned about how a perfect kitchen should be her answer is that the heart of your home were you cook, eat, and entertain yourself should be a place that should not just look good but serve the purpose too.

Here are a few tips from celebrity designer Trupti Puranik:

  • Everything in a kitchen needs to be arranged in such a manner that all ingredients and cooking equipment should be compartmentalized in just the right place where your hand can reach out quickly
  • The dish washing cupboard should be designed in a way that all sponges and washing material are neatly stored while maintaining the hygiene
  • The kitchen sink storage trays should be designed as per the individual needs than going for readymade trays. Storing the forks, knives and plates in properly designed trays saves much hassle later
  • Creating a kitchen counter that gives more space for working around is very important in order to avoid the clutter that is a normal feature in many homes where the counter is not spacious and not designed keeping in mind the storage for the kitchen tools, ingredients and utensils
  • The number of drawers is not so important as much as the organization of storage space and designing useful kitchen drawers

If you want to re-invent your kitchen and give it a fresh look, then kitchen cabinets are definitely the most important element that can change the overall décor of your kitchen. Studio Elements continually endeavors to offer you the best kitchen design that exudes a natural warmth and tranquility. Every object in your kitchen should be placed in a functional manner and create a certain harmony.

Mixing various materials and textures by combining metal, wood, stone and glass in the décor is extremely important. Even the kitchen ceiling is as important an element while deciding the kitchen schemes as even that has a great designing potential. Various ceilings with moldings and paint techniques or a variation in higher or lower ceiling sometimes makes the kitchen space even cozier. Choosing the material for the kitchen countertop is also a crucial aspect since countertops get stained and gather scratches over a span of time. The heat resistance and the colour both matter while selecting the best material for the countertop. Choosing amongst granite, quartz, laminates, wood, marble or tile tops has various pros and cons and one needs to consider all of them before selecting the ideal one for the kitchen space. A lot depends on the type of kitchen layout and what kind of food one cooks and prepares in the kitchen.

The tricky thing about the décor is that you need to make sure that you are aware of all your basic requirements and plan before remodeling your existing kitchen and designing a totally new one. As an individual you need to take a note of all appliances, cabinets and layout along with the designer before finalizing any theme. There are many kitchen designs that you can choose from that are appealing but the best kitchen layout is one that fits perfectly well as per the shape and size of the area.

Other kitchen elements like the sink, the flooring, the decorating hardware, the doors style and the backsplash finally give your kitchen a modern or traditional design hence these elements also need to be discussed and picked carefully to decide the kind of look you want for your kitchen.

So if you are looking for some aesthetically stunning design for your kitchen which is the heart of your home, Studio Elements is the right place.