Designing a Banquet Hall – Making your special moments memorable

Indians are fond of occasions to celebrate. Weddings, official dinners, award functions, birthday parties, be it any occasion Indians make sure that it is done with glitz and glamour. Banquet halls then become indispensable part of these occasions.

The most important aspect of a successful event is the venue. Usually, choosing a perfect banquet for once in a lifetime occasion marks the beginning of the entire process.

Here are 4 must-consider factors

  1. Budget:- It goes without saying that your budget is a big influencer in venue decision regarding design of a banquet hall.
  2. Capacity: – There should be a correct idea about the Capacity of the banquet hall. This will ensure in coming up with an effective and efficient design for the banquet hall.
  3. Location & Accessibility: – The design should be made in such a way that accessibility through routes is made easy and ensured.
  4. Amenities: – Banquet hall should be designed considering what all amenities it should have including dressing rooms, conference rooms, rooms that can be partitioned and used for multiple purposes etc.

While the modern corporate environment features many different kinds of spaces for meetings of different kinds – board rooms, video conference rooms, huddle rooms, even auditoriums – are still special situations which demand a certain amount of flexibility. Multi-purpose rooms are quickly becoming a feature of most corporate environments because of their ability to quickly transform for different purposes.

Studio Elements has a stupendous track record of transforming plain looking spaces into elegant and magnanimous banquet halls that echo flamboyance and style. Trupti who is at the helm of Studio Elements makes sure there is a personal or their own signature style design in all their banquet hall designs. According to her the interior design should be done keeping these in mind.

Visibility for everyone in the room

The design should not be complex but easy enough to ensure easy and equal visibility for everyone seated in the hall. Design should be done incorporating secondary displays, additional LED monitors etc, that can ensure the audience gets to see everything.

Embedding technology which is adaptive to the needs of the occasion

Technology should be embedded in the design in such a way depending on the occasion it is used the monitors, projectors etc. can be hidden from the audience. A similar approach can be used for large LED display monitors too, which hides them behind wall panels when they are not in use.

The design should also ensure that there is a centralized backroom and remote controls are incorporated in the design.

According to her design should be flexible and adaptive to the occasion it is used for. So design and interior should be done that can be modified according to the needs of the occasion it is booked for. The lighting, furniture and décor should be done in a manner that let it be any occasion the room can be transformed to suit the mood of the occasion. We ensure that banquet halls deliver the needs of the client within the limits of their budget and space.