Designing Elegant Bathrooms

Nowadays bathroom and its design have become of paramount importance in the overall design of the house. After the kitchen, a bathroom has achieved significant status quo in today’s world. Its significance has increased from a mere room to perform basic duties to a space where one relaxes, spends time to pamper oneself. So the design of such a bathroom has to inspire such factors rather than merely cater to the basic need. It requires quite an array of fittings and technical skill, often in a very compact space. For this reason, carefully planning from the start will prevent costly mistakes and changes down the line.

If one has a super small bathroom, trying to make everything fit in the available space is a cumbersome task. There are many challenges too like configuring the toilet and sink or allowing enough clearance for a shower. Despite the challenges, in most cases, it’s still better to squeeze in an extra bathroom where one is desperately needed, even if it must be small.

A bathroom design can involve many steps: the first and foremost being assessing the real need for a bathroom. If it is a space where one rejuvenates, pampers, then the bathroom design, fittings and layout should imbibe the same. The question should be “what is the purpose of that space to you”. The design should define the same. After one’s priorities are chalked out, care has to be given to the design layout of the bathroom. Layout should be simple yet fully utilized in terms of space. The space layout should not be jarring or a blocking one. It should be inviting, pampering and awe-inspiring.

Studio Elements has perfected the art of designing beautiful bathrooms according to the space and needs of the client. Give them a small space and they can turn it into a piece of enthralling elegance and utility in a jiffy!! Their designs vary from the small utilitarian ones to classy elegant Victorian ones. You approach them with your space and need. They can turn them magically into spaces that exude finesse.

One should be realistic about one’s available bathroom space and layout. Choose your style early on as this will help narrow down the choice of fittings to consider. Magazines, friends all should be the sources of information and inspiration to come up with the best design fit for your needs. Space optimization, utilization and elegance should be the key mantra. Cramming fittings inside bathroom can have an unappealing effect.

The next steps that are of prime importance in the design are

  • Finalizing the budget for the design
  • Planning the storage needs in the bathroom layout
  • Ventilation should be ample enough and the design should imbibe all the natural factors in an elegant way
  • Decide on the colour scheme for the bathroom. Colour palette should be soothing and relaxing
  • Decide on the tile pattern, colours, texture for bathroom

Studio Elements has its team of seasoned and experienced architects and professionals who are on board the minute the idea is generated. They become a part of the entire ideation, creation, modeling and handover stages of the project. They are quite some experts in this space and proficient so much that the entire process will not take too much of you. Rather it will be a breeze with the help of these professionals who are ready the moment the project idea is in their hands. They dream and toil along with you and make it happen!!