Designing Kids’ Bedroom

In this uber stylish era children too have their own unique and distinct taste and preferences. They are tough customers to please and their tastes keep changing. Hence design of the bedroom has to made in a flexible manner so that it can accommodate the changing needs and preferences of the young customer.

For kids the room has to be multifunctional which means a place where children can play, where they also tend to read, write and study, also a comfortable place to sleep. The main concern for the parent should be that the design should be timeless enough that they do not want to redo it in another five years or so! This is also a space where a designer can use the creative juices and come up with funky, colorful ideas and be a kid all over again!!

This is a room where an infant transforms to a toddler to a young adult so the design should be adept to flexibility and makeovers. Studio Elements has designed many creative kids bedrooms over the years and is an expert in understanding the nuances of a child’s as well as parent’s requirement. Our main focus area when we take up such projects are

  1. Choice of color palette that is not very “baby” like but is childish and which they love to spend time
  2. Choosing furniture that is utilitarian that suits the parent’s requirements and the changing needs of the kid
  3. Get more dynamic with the toys and accessories: -This is something which they love at the moment and is least expensive. This can afford rejig. So the toys and accessories can be done according to the current taste of kid and can be modified according to his changing preferences
  4. Adding colorful hues, their favorite characters, funky designs which they love can be the ways to make the space more enticing to them

Studio Elements has got expertise in transforming the spaces in to kid’s dreamland or fantasy spaces as well as their cozy nests where they sleep. There are many tips we feel should be looked into when designing a kid’s room i.e. neutral paints have the advantage of longevity and can make future room swaps quicker as the color won’t need to be changed to suit the need of the kid. But don’t forget that pale shades are more easily marked, so cleaning, touch-ups and full-on re-decorating will be more frequent. Include interesting wallpapers in their design which jazz up the space and which can be redone easily if the tastes of the kids change. Simpler to use, wall stickers can add interest to children’s rooms, and are easy to remove when they tire of the design. There are options available to please kids from nursery age to sophisticated teens as well.

Another thing to consider when you design a kid’s room is the choice of bedroom curtains, shutters and blinds. Analyze which window style will work best with client’s scheme, as well as how much light it will block out of a room and designs will vary accordingly. Children’s bedrooms should have a range of light sources for flexibility. Some of these should be thought out during the early stages of designing a kid’s room, while others can be later additions.

Besides, lights can offer different functions at different stages. For younger children, a nightlight can provide a comforting glow. For reading a bedside lamp that’s bright enough to avoid eyestrain is vital.

Last but not the least, choice of bed also lifts up the feel of the space. The choice of bed can vary from bunkers to single full-size beds to double beds depending on the need of the kid as well as the parent.

Designing a Kid’s bedroom is a challenging task as it stimulates the creative designing part a lot. But we love to think out of the box and provide satisfying and transforming solutions to our young minds and their loving parents!!