Dividing Your Living Spaces The Right Way

Imagine this! You have bought your dream home and are in possession of it. You want a certain look and feel in your house to call it home. While choosing the right interior designer is one part, working around the limited square feet area to incorporate all your needs is a challenge you are aware of in the very first place.

This is where Studio Elements steps in to carve out all your functional areas and luxury combined into one within the configured space and optimally use every nook and corner without taking away its beauty or aesthetic value. A very important part of designing, as per Mrs. Trupti Puranik, is to think of an overall designing scheme of the house with the ultimate equilibrium of light and beauty. The design must be such that there is a sense of physical and visual division between the various rooms and areas and yet to give an appearance of a continuous theme as per the individual’s taste.

One of the simplest way is to begin with the choice of furniture in each zone. This too requires great planning since heavy furniture is to be taken towards the bigger walls and smaller furniture can be used to create a functional division of space.

In the living rooms, at times it is the smaller sofa or lounger that creates the partition between the drawing and the dining areas.  There is always the safe and standard orientation aspect and then there is the bold and beautiful way that can completely transform the look and appeal of your living spaces. Studio Elements explores such methods of designing your interiors in such a unique style where you have all your requirements fitted into the design while still leaving plenty of space to move freely.

With just a single piece of art or a few chosen artefacts scattered around your living space, the visual appeal takes a different dimension. Using wallpapers also splits a certain section from another, turning one space into two. Sometimes having niches works better than having shelves and showcases. A different style of creating your storage spaces also sometimes becomes more of a design element added to your rooms than the typical storage solutions. Sliding doors at times work better than normal doors and at times just a panel works done in a certain tone balances the entire room.

Tonal and color separations of each zone create a certain sense of distinction which is very important. The trick is to do this and yet keep the flow alive in the larger theme. Potted plants, curtains with certain themes, creating levels within the rooms are all different ideas to weave in an incredible design in your living spaces where all you breathe in is peace and joy looking at your space every passing day.