Grand Reception Areas: – Lasting First Impressions!!

A reception area is one that strikes prospective customers, clients and business partners when they enter an office, apartment complex, a hotel or a club house. Making these first impressions count is a herculean task for any interior designer or architect. Reception areas present an opportunity to put up the best impression of any given space.

Founder of Studio Elements, Trupti Puranik who is a veteran in providing fresh and eclectic designs mentions that, it is like appearing the best for a job interview. Your appearance and first impressions count, same with a property too. So utmost care and planning goes into coming up with the best design within the limitations of space and cash flow. It starts with something as simple as the design of the reception desk or the colour theme of the entrance space.

The design should imbibe the right mix of color palette, functionality and ease of use. It should be designed keeping into account many factors like how many people will be working in that area, how many are serviced there, whether there is ease of movement for customers even at peak timings etc. The area should also be designed looking into the functionality factor like storage areas also designed aptly without creating clutter and making efficient usage of space. The extra furnishings will be provided looking into the aesthetic factor and the style it has to portray. The furnishings should be done in a manner that it doesn’t create a jarring effect, rather add warmth and lend an inviting atmosphere to the area.

A reception area should be a pleasant mix of comfort and class, but still look elegant and sophisticated. Considerate touches can be added to make the visitors comfortable like coffee areas, bookshelves, Wi-Fi Connectivity etc.

Trupti adds, “Since it is the first touch point to the brand; it is essential that the experience should be simple and not confusing. The layout should be simple so that customers will not have any inconvenience or confusion. Also it is the main area where you need to focus on your branding. Proper care should be taken in ensuring that the corporate logo, colours are aptly displayed. Displaying a company or brand’s core values also ensures that a strong brand building impression is made to the visitors. These ensure that you stand out as a sophisticated brand”, she mentions. She adds that, even if the area for Reception is small the planning of it has to take into consideration many factors like

  • Understanding the Budget
  • What kind of impact do you want it to make on your customers?
  • Do you want it grand, modern or traditional?
  • Do you have any materials in mind you like, or would like to use?
  • What lighting will be around the desk?
  • Do you want lighting embedded in the desk?
  • Do you want it to include your branding, i.e. logo?
  • What colors do you want to use?
  • Do you want it to be light or dark?

“We work as partners with the clients. We believe in ensuring wonderful everlasting relationships” she mentions.

We come up with a design drawing that fits our client’s criteria. Now, this won’t be the final design, it will undergo various iterations or reviews with the clients.  The client will go through all likes and thoughts with the designer so they can go back and create something that is more fitting to the client’s needs until it is perfect. After this, the designer comes up with the final concept which will be signed off from the client and then the work begins in making it happen.

“Beautiful personal areas that marry elegance, warmth and brand image is what we deliver”, she confidently mentions.