Lighting up your space

A well-lit space is the first thing you observe immediately upon entering it. Good lighting compliments the interior design and architectural aspects of any area. Not only that, it also adds value to the space by making it practically more useful & vibrant.

While designing a space well is an important aspect, enhancing it by using good lighting is equally essential. Is lighting interiors all about the electrical lights? NO. Controlling the natural light is also an important factor, for daylight in any home makes all the difference in its aura and when a certain space does not get enough light, then there is low energy in that zone. Maximizing natural daylight by letting more light into your space is an extremely important criteria as well.

A proper lighting strategy that involves a perfect balance of general lighting accented one and focus lighting along with natural light is what is required at the planning stage for any interior design theme. A lighting scheme that allows flexibility of these categories is what makes all the difference in the mood of a space. If the right spectrum of light is not chosen then the interior may look dull and uninviting. Lack of lighting affects the ambience and the dimension of the room.

Placement of lighting and the types of lights used in addition to the colour selection and room size is what transforms any given space. The details in area can be highlighted beautifully if proper lighting is made available. From furniture to flooring and furnishings, light enhances every aspect of your home or office space. While at times directional lighting makes an aura look lighter, at other times, lighting all four corners makes the space seem bigger choosing bulbs as per the requirement of a particular room or space changes the mood and this can sometimes be done easily by using different coloured lights the green, red, yellow or blue. The distribution and direction of light can be further changed by using different lights that may vary from opaque to transparent to reflective. Using lamps also changes the lighting design and makes you feel different in any given space. Sometimes even lighting clusters can be used to enhance the look further more. A lighting cluster is a group of similar lighting fixtures positioned together very closely. These clusters are used even in bathrooms to jazz up a focal point. Even around dining tables or kitchen islands, these clusters bring about a new dynamic and create a twist in the mundane lighting pattern used otherwise.

Overlooking the lighting is like ignoring the most important design element and compromising on the visibility of all other elements in the given area. Many people hold an opinion that lighting is only about the ceiling area but this is a big mistake for the golden rule is that lighting should be planned in a layered manner such that all design and architectural elements in a space are highlighted and a welcoming mood is created. A small table lamp or a big floor lamp or a chandelier or cabinet lighting or spot lighting in niches or around artefacts or accented walls make a huge difference in the atmosphere. The size of these light fittings is also an important consideration not only from the design angle but also from the perspective of distribution of light. Installing dimmers or creating different light corners for different uses like reading, working, serving, cooking is what adds the extra dimension to any space. Mixing light styles is also a tricky affair, for every lighting element changes the colour temperature and creates a warm or cool or cozy ambience. From bluish white to yellow white, every bulb will give a different light and an individual may want a different feel in different seasons for which dimmer switches come handy. Some lights throw a glow upward while some throw the glow downwards. Indirect lighting at certain places makes it more relaxing while at times not pointing direct light looks more flattening. Even reducing lights in areas like hallways or when there is already a lot of saving energy. Using LED bulbs is a cost effective solution to reducing electric bills. These factors should also be taken into consideration.

There have been experiments to confirm the link between light and human emotions. It has been proven that feelings of warmth or anger or depression are possible as per the intensity and colour of light. Clearly, this is indication enough that when designing a space lighting needs to be addressed as soon as the space itself. For instance, in an office space the lighting should promote a productive and alert behavior. In a home on the contrary the living room may call for a subtle and warm lighting, while a kitchen may require sharp and bright lighting, while the entrance may be treated in such a manner that it creates a smooth transition into the living room. Another way of working upon lighting solutions is that cooler colour temperatures can be used in day time and at night warmer colour temperature can be used.

In totality, lighting is what can add or subtract the overall feel and ambience of a space and therefore if you wish to achieve the perfect balance between styles, comfort, beauty and functionality the select the right lighting today. Studio Elements will help you create a unique interior design for your home that will incorporate a lighting scheme that shall open up all the beautiful details in your space such as artefacts, wall designs, wallpapers, study areas and many more. So be it your home or commercial space, if you are looking at changing the character of that zone, contact Studio Elements and flip through the marvelous light and design themes created by designer Trupti Puranik in every space with a unique touch and charisma that will leave you with a pleasant feeling within.