Mesmerizing Living Rooms

From a hectic life to a chilled out time, the only space that can make the switch  is your living area. This space needs to be about comfort and become a  place to unwind. We live in a hectic world where we hardly ever switch off. This is why your comfort is the key to creating a living room that becomes a welcoming space for the family.

A comfortable lounge should have a comfortable seating that aligns your sight to the TV or doesn’t create tension in the neck. The perfect sofa is more like the Cinderella’s slipper for you need a perfect fit. To add extra comfort and interest to the sofa layer on the cushions and throws. This also helps in getting all the different textures. The coffee table books out on the coffee table also add to the room’s flavor.

The texture of the upholstery can be soft, hard, shimmery or matt and so on. The light around also needs to be warm, in harmony and inviting enough. Actually the lighting should be soft and calm so that you let the worries of the day slip away while sitting here.  Dimmer switches and table lamps are also great options. Earthy elements, use of metal, luxury finish or geometrical designs are also to be played with thoughtfully.

Theme Interiors
Wooden floorings, contemporary tiles, exquisite marbles or use of carpets for floor design is also very important while designing the living area. A great interior in the living room is all about mixing styles as well; from a wooden to traditional to Victorian to Gothic to Go anise, every theme changes the look and feel of the living space. A feminine appeal with a certain theme along with related artefacts is what makes all the difference. The Chandeliers, mirrors, clocks can add further to the twist. Small spaces need innovative solutions to make them feel bigger and efficient. There are many clever tricks to consider when trying to find the most suited apartment layout for a small space.

The challenge sometimes is also choosing the finish for the home’s exterior walls and roof which is important since the first thing upon entering is the living space; so reconciling exterior and interior is also an art which comes naturally to our celebrity designer Trupti Puranik.

It’s always a great help if clients collect a few living room ideas to give the interior designer a sense of their style! The mood of the living area changes drastically with elegant chairs or bright fabrics. Elegant drapery to soften the space with an area rug also brings in the perfect décor.

The result is the living room design with a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Interior designer Trupti Puranik choose warm colors that are uplifting and that pair well with the accessories. Blending all elements and experimenting with different layout ideas is Trupti’s forte and her clients swear by her designing sense and finesse. So if you are looking for comfort, luxury and coziness, all together, Trupti Puranik’s Studio Elements is the only answer to all your desires for a state of the art, sophisticated living space.