New concepts in interior designing

Interior Designs are the visual translation of one’s life. Interior designing is the art of creating a healthier and aesthetically pleasing environment. With the growing creative and artistic understanding of the people in this globalised world have led to the development of novel concepts and themes in the field of interior designing. Several themes have been established in recent times that comprises of modern, contemporary, minimalist, industrial, mid-century modern, traditional, transitional, rustic, coastal and many more.

It doesn’t matter whether it is a large or a small margin, each space have been ornamented with the quirking, shades, unique pattern and texture. Each corner has been utilized in most the distinct way that provides it an outstanding look. Awareness for nature and environmental concerns the usages of the earth and nature elements have been rolling as the latest trend in interior designing. The colors of green, blue and brown have secured the top notch place in the designs. The use of nature wood in the kitchen along with stone materials, such as pebbles, granite, marble, and those materials that resemble and complement with natural elements are highly used for home decorations. Big plants are placed in the living room that attracts the attention of the visitors. The use of colorful or highlighted ceilings with an amazing geometric pattern painted with bold colors is one of the exceptional style statements in interior designing. The use of black colors in furniture, prints, walls and finishes are also listed in the emerging vogue.

No wall is left empty; they are canvassed with the exquisite wallpapers of abstract shapes, geometric pattern, and landscape scenery. The placements of beautiful artefacts in various places at home are also the most choiced offer of the people. The pendant lamp is the little way to decorate the kitchen. The use of over sized head boards in the bedrooms, unique shelves of unusual size and shapes further enhances the decorative qualities. The rare shaped wall shelves further beautify the room. The use of laser cut technology, the lightings provides a classy and sophisticated look of the place. The use of handicrafts  and hand spun fabrics are also the most sought after elements for a home. Mandalas will give the home the, jhoolas as a light way of decoration, the brass of copper oil lamps that give the most authentic look, add rugs on the normal wooden or concrete floor which will change the look completely gives a complete eastern look of the space.

The terrene of creativity and design is endless. Interior designing truly defines your home giving the family an emotional identity. It is the most creative expression of any person’s life that also depicts their life journey. Creativity does not have any fixed definition or the certain way it is bound to keep on evolving throughout the time period.