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Abitante Club House

Abitante Cub House

Area5000 Sq Ft

Studio Elements is proud to showcase snippets of Abitante ClubHouse, Pune. The Clubhouse is a spacious 5000 sq ft project which has been elegantly designed and crafted to encompass the various elements of utility into it. The design comes with many unique features that add zing and vitality to the space.
The clubhouse has many attractive features. To begin with, the plush and comfortable banquet hall boasts of an area of approx. area – 1000 sq ft. Unique design has been crafted with the help of stretch ceiling. It also has Satvario tiles on walls, which has been smartly cut into shapes to form plank like design.
The Gym is a spacious 1000 sq ft area. Here, actual used containers have been modified to design the changing room. The flooring is mainly EPDM flooring which has been designed to create road patterns along with unique designs like target point, dumbbells and racing mark position.

Another attractive space is the game zone, which is also a spacious 1000 sq ft area. Here profile lights have been incorporated in ceiling, which gives it a maze pattern effect. Wall paneling, has snakes and ladder theme, which gives it a 3D look. The main attraction of the gaming zone is an actual indoor fireplace, which adds vivacity to the space.

The clubhouse has an air of sophistication and playfulness incorporated in its design by the beautiful blend of lighting, themes and ceiling and floor design. To add elements of nature to the theme the clubhouse also has an open terrace space that can be modified designed in to a restaurant / café of an approximate area of 2000 sq ft.

In the hustle bustle of the busy city, this spacious clubhouse has beautifully merged nature into its design such that it oozes elegance as well as comfort.