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Bandra Residence

Bandra Residence

Area850 Sq Ft

Studio Elements takes pride in displaying residential design that oozes comfort and elegance in any given space. Our team of designers have recently crafted an extravagant and unusual design for one of our residential projects in Bandra.

With a mutual discussion with our clients, we conceptualized a modern theme and the 850 square feet area was beautified with exquisite aesthetics in a manner that every space was utilised to the maximum. The entire home was given a royal and sophisticated look with a simple touch of white color which gave the space a pristine look. Considering the needs and requirements of our clients we implemented a simple and subtle design to the entire space. The black and white image of the street lamp on one of the walls was designed to add that extra element of vibrancy and richness. The incorporation of natural texture and monochrome accents was considered to add more depth and warmth to the space.

For Studio Elements, design and creativity is driven by purpose and our team leaves no stone unturned to create an aesthetic space that provides the best humanizing experience.