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On-Line Capital & Securities Pvt. Ltd

On-Line Capital & Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Area400 Sq Ft

Each profession has their own unique set of interior design that greatly recharges and energises their environment. It said that colors, structures play a huge role in boosting the productivity of the employees. It truly plays a crucial role in crafting the work of the employees and also providing them relaxation at times of need during high work pressure and tight schedules. It has been observed, a good spacious workplace facilitates in developing the best from the employees that leads to greater productivity and efficient work. A well tailored architecture defines and reflects the work culture of any organisation.

Our team of expert interior designers crafted the interior of 400 square feet that encompassed the waiting area, 1 directors cabin, workstations that can accommodate at least 6 individuals. Based on the needs and requirements of our client’s, we used vinyl-based material for flooring. Complementing this, our designers chose to utilise marble powder coated sheet by onyx for table top. In addition to this, surface profile lights were used that enhanced the beauty of the space. The entire office was designed in wood that provided it an exquisite look. A beautiful wall mural for creating an art wall that provided a good vibration to the entire room.

Studio Elements designed an incredible framework for the On- Line Capital & Securities Pvt. Ltd. that will surely make the organisation stand the best out of the rest. Our team of designers aims to build outstanding interiors that enhances its reputation and establishment in their field.