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One Avigna

One Avigna

Area8000 Sq Ft

The premium home that is designed in an elaborate space of 8000 square feet is a real treat to an eye. The sophisticated and majestic interiors to each corner have uplifted the look of the entire space to another level. The elegant false ceiling, exquisite lighting, magnificent fixtures have greatly supplemented to the opulence and aesthetics of the space. The onlooker’s eyes get sparkled while walking through the royal sections of the home. The spacious living room is well-ventilated by the large windows with a mix of natural and artificial lighting. The grand chandeliers summate the ethical charm to the area. The section of master bedroom is classically designed that relaxes one’s mind. The earthy brown color complements the exquisite lighting on the wallboard that enhances the appeal making it highly captivating. Complementing to the various sections of the home, the large green balcony with the breathtaking view of the entire city provides the most enchanting experience. It is a warm spot for a grand get together and exceptional family time.

The team of Studio Elements created a spectacular space where the family eats together and lives together. Every element of the design has been carefully picked and placed that makes it look exotic. Our team justified each corners of the vast space magnificently and created a refulgent paradise.