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Area200 Sq Ft

Interior design is not merely about the visual enhancement of an interior space, but is also about optimizing and harmonizing the uses to which all interior environment will be put. Good design enables us to work efficiently and comfortably in a more aesthetic and functional environment. The team of Studio Elements designed a pizza café, Pizzaronee in the beautiful location of Hiranandani Meadows at Thane.

Our interior designers have the right blend of insights and experience to develop the spaces for the eateries that appeal to the guests and enhances their enjoyment for the meal. Gauging the entire space of 200 square feet, we conceptualized and implemented the rustic theme for their interior space. Effectively utilizing each corner of the space, our team uniquely designed a container shaped entrance that makes it look modish and attractive. The material of pinewood for fencing corrugated sheets for deriving the wavy design at the entrance, inside counter and internal door uplifted it to a picturesque encompassment. To make space look more grand and vivacious stucco paint was given to the entire interior.

Magnificent and outstanding interior design to the eatery space makes the guests day special and also benefits the owners. The custom design of lighting, furniture, partitions, flooring, colors and textures tailors the environment by enriching the ambiance. The team of Studio Elements ensures your customers’ satisfaction and guarantees a fun workplace for your employees. To design an outlet for your business quickly contact Studio Elements.