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Puranik Future City – Neral

Puranik Future City (Sales Office)

Area Sq Ft

The Digital Space

Nature and technology are polar sides of the existing world. Studio Elements decided to combine and make them healthily co-exist in the beautiful surrounding of Neral, Maharashtra. Our team has conceptualized the interior on the digital theme for the sales office of Puranik Future City keeping this polarity alive.

The site location amidst the picturesque environment just set the perfect and right stage for us to execute our digital concept in interior designing. For any developer sales office forms a great impression on the mind of an individual when they visit the commercial sites. Discussing the ideas with the Puranik group, our team decided to implement a futuristic visionary design. Studio Elements thought of incorporating the textures, pigments, structure and shape that would provide a vibrant feel of entering a tech-savvy world at the entrance of the sales office. We gave the reception area a stupendous digital look in combination of white and black. The color combination of the entire space made it extremely youthful and vivacious. The stupefying side-wall was printed with the digital life concepts that comprise wi-fi zones all over, a digital library, a entertainment zone, an e-learning center. To uplift the look of the entire space, we inducted the skylight design for the ceiling to give an open and natural view as the surrounding is nature-oriented. Considering the vastness of the space, the work stations and cabins were designed accordingly.

Adding to the fascinating interiors, our team also designed special chambers for the different groups of people belonging to different age groups. Our team creatively designed the kids section for the younger generation that takes care of fun and recreational activities. Complementing this, we designed the new age digital gaming zone for the adults. For the book fans, we have specially designed a digital library that promotes eco-friendliness and negates wastage of papers.

Studio Elements believes in the smart use of corners and in this case we choose to implement it with the smart evolving technology. We have designed a space that is full of zest and liveliness. The Studio Elements creative team always attempts to integrate beauty from all spheres of life to enrich any given space. At the Neral Puranik Future city we did just that!