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Sandesh Bhoir

Sandesh Bhoir

Area500 Sq Ft

Studio Elements takes pride in displaying a residential design that oozes comfort and elegance in a limited space. Sandesh Bhoir’s residence is a 500 sq. ft 2 BHK apartment in the beautiful place of Kasarwadavli, Thane (West).

The plan and design have been implemented in a manner that every space has been utilised to the maximum. Core aesthetics have been maintained that amalgamate classic, traditional and modern work in the interior design.

The entire home is painted with earthy colours that provide the sublime feeling of purity and serenity. A plethora of utility has been imbibed in various fixtures that help in enhancing space as well as in its multi-purpose usage. Stylish and exquisite wallpapers have been used in the living room, bedroom and the area next to the mandir. A TV unit has also been stylishly designed where concrete finish laminate has been incorporated which renders a classy looks to the entire space.

Unique design features are incorporated to make each look more spacious as well as highly utilitarian. In the Parents’ bedroom, the wardrobe has been designed in a unique way that it acts as a simple partition between the living room and bedroom. Mirror panels are also beautifully blended and incorporated in the design of kitchen and living space so that it gives a more spacious look. Contemporary design was the theme and the design was made to ensure maximum adherence to the same. Usage of golden schemas in the design of fixtures for both household and sanitary ware has rendered a contemporary yet classy look. This residential design is one of a kind where space was limited but the design has been made to offset this limitation.

Studio Elements is gratified to present this design as it provided challenges and we are proud to say that space is no more a constraint when we choose the right design to make it happen.