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Based on our love for nature, we present the incorporation of biophilic designs in our interior designs. It does not just add to aesthetics but also create a space that is healthier to live. Considering today’s fast-paced life, the elements of biophilic design is known to relieve stress, promote relaxation and enhance mood and creativity. It improves both physiological and psychological health, which is especially important as people spend an average of 90% of the day indoors. Such designs includes light, air, plant, natural materials of pebble, grass, earthenware, and many more.

Let’s look into various biophilic elements and its role in establishing a great functionality to the space. Natural light fills the space with freshness and also make it look bigger. Instead of curtains, utilise blinds that not only keeps the window area open but also can be pulled down when you need privacy. If your living room overlooks an outdoor space with views of nature, make it the focal point of your room. Let it act like a living picture. Arrange your room so you can sit and enjoy the view. A few cushions and a good book is all you need to create the perfect place to spend an afternoon. One of the easiest ways to bring nature into your home is by adding some plants. They are a quick way to enliven a space, add decoration and improve the air quality in your home. What might have been a bland space, is now a striking room feature that has real zest. To create a real impact, group several pots together. Exposure to natural daylight is another important element. Alternatively, you could take the attention away from the window with pictures on the wall of nature, hanging planters or a vignette on the coffee table that includes natural elements. Inclusion of natural analogues like fish tank, artificial planting, wood-effect flooring, honeycomb patterns and more evokes a sense of beauty of the natural world.

Integrating the elements of nature at workplace is highly beneficial and effective. It increases the concentration and productivity, provides a more positive frame of mind live plants improves the air quality and makes one feel more happier and healthier. Human interaction with nature increases sympathetic activity. This clever and beautiful design managed to encompass three biophilic elements all at once: light, natural materials and plants. Biophilic design forges connection with nature to improve health and mental wellbeing in the built environment.