The Beat Of Interior Design

Artefacts are the objects crafted by human being which are of historical and cultural interest. These include sculpting, paintings, weapons, vessels, pottery with its relevance travelling from the ancient to the modern times. These elegant works of art are famously acknowledged as antiques. It encompasses the sophisticated inlay of shell beads, vases, coins, oil lamps, arrows, pots, spear, textile and paper materials.

Artefacts along with the interior set up reflect and communicate the thoughts of people. They greatly contribute to the sense of self adding value to human life. Artefacts play an incredible role in beautifying and energizing the entire atmosphere. As it is always said, “aesthetics are good to eye” these precious elements ornament the entire area and also uplift the spirit of the viewers that subsequently charges their enthusiasm to explore more. They provide the expression of that space and largely add to the grandeur and beautification of the abode. To a large degree, artefacts enlighten even the dull mood of an individual. Supplementing this, artefacts add to the healthy balance of mind and body. One can experience some marvelous effects by placing the artefacts strategically in the design theme. Complementing this, the contemporary paintings, prints and classy digital arts not only add remarkable depth to the room but also uplifts the visual sight of the interiors, defining the tone of the room. The placement of wall art simply provides an extra touch to the space making it look functional.

These can be installed almost in any part of the home like living room, playing room, kitchen, hallway, and bedroom. Only placing the artefacts is not enough, setting up in the right position and direction have to be ensured, then only it endows one with its positive effects. Each element like clay, wood, sand, marbles, ceramic have their own effect on the mind. So it is extremely essential to find the right spot. These spectacular pieces of work can be inducted in areas like reception, conference room, cafeteria, schools, hospitals, children’s area and so on. The artwork has a magnificent power to embody and manifest significant human experience.

Ace designer and founder of Studio Elements, Trupti Puranik shares some tips for placing artefacts in your spaces:

  • Place brass and copper lamps at the corners of staircases or on the landing.
  • Use stylish container in some areas to add to the grandeur as well as to serve some petty purpose like storing or hiding wires.
  • Place any statue or sculpture article in any niches in the walls or on the entrance if there is a naked wall upon entering.

Studio Elements has a vast collection of artefacts which resonate with various Balinese, Chinese, Traditional & Ethnic Indian cultures. These artefacts are available in our exquisite Studio located at Ghodbunder Road, Thane and are also available on the home decor online store www.studioelements.shop. You can pick your style amongst an array of artefacts in metal, wood, paper, fabric; in various shapes and sizes.