The Model Apartment

The world of speed, chaos, stress and rapid development demands an incredible input from an individual’s end. Studio Elements realizes the need of an individual to live under a roof where one can relax, rejoice and rejuvenate themselves. In sync with today’s lifestyle, Studio Elements creates designer model apartments incorporating the best and trendiest elements that would complete the picture of a dream home.

Studio Elements understands that an individual visualizes his future home while observing a model sample apartment. It is this space that showcases the sections of the living room, master bedroom, kitchen, balcony, and bathroom in a certain fashion that attracts and appeals to one’s tastes. Small features like the electrical switchboards, false ceiling, wooden and tiled flooring give a fair idea of the cross-section and such features enable folks to gauge the actual dimension, length and breadth of the entire space. This sight of the apartment fuels their imagination with various other décor and design elements that they would like to induct in their residence. Studio Elements carves the most captivating and alluring apartments and endeavors to create a spectacular ocular experience that inspires the clients’ to have an address in that particular commercial complex. This appealing place makes them think it worth of investing in the property. Gauging the location, space, specifications, our team exclusively sketches the model of the apartment and plans the design accordingly. These units are considered to be the biggest and most powerful marketing tool for the developers to promote their business.

Studio Elements has designed several apartments for reputed developers like the Puranik Group & Dedhia group that are aesthetically captivating with an outstanding look. It is not just our design that beautifies these model apartments but it is also the emotions that we canvas while creating these spaces. We ensure that our interior design meets the essential needs and requirements of an individual and a family both. The finest apartments demonstrate the functionality of the area along with the feel of comfort. Our team does not just consider the commercial aspect for the developers but aims to design a space that would provide the clients’ with an emotional identity and security.

Through our incredible team-work and perseverance combined with some striking creativity, we have successfully created our niche across Thane and Mumbai. Refer us to developers and builders in your contact circle or if you happen to be one reading this, reach out to us for some off beat designs for your sample homes.