The Visual Language

At Studio Elements, we passionately paint your stories with colors and sculpt vision by designing every corner of the room. We do not just design the space but we create a home that resonates with the life story of an individual and family. Color adds an incredible glow to the entire space making it highly luminous. It is one such unique element that can alter your experience for the moment. Our nature is filled with various colors that make us feel fresh providing a rejuvenating experience. The color painted on the walls are not just element but are also the color that visually translates their individual story.

In interior designing, this single component makes the entire space look elegant. Our team of expert creatively implement colors that provides comfort with a sense of emotional identity. It has a great impact on the psychology and moods of people. As interior designers, we creatively implement the colors to each in various shades that sync with the comfort of our clients. The color consideration also depends on the location, climate, culture, activity and preferences. While designing the residential spaces, it is important to note the size, shape and available lighting. On the other hand, while selecting colors for the corporate spaces, we choose them as per the company’s personality, nature of work and the functionality of the space.

Colors encompass a palette of emotion that has the power of energizing and rejuvenating the entire space. For instance, any tech savvy start- up companies prefer to have vibrant and quirky colors of orange, blue, lemon yellow or even the fusion of black & white or certain other color combination. Color is not only selected by following the trends but also as per our clients’ preference. But many time, we also go with the modern color invogue and combine a clients’ preference to ours. Sometimes, two colors bounce off each of their intensities and also balancing each other. For example, we painted a clients’ room in cool light blue color and painted pops of bold orange. This is certainly not the regular choice but it brought a great oomph to the space with contrasting color.

We at Studio Elements, pick the colors that makes one feel comfortable and spell luxury at the same time.