Trends to trail in 2020

Tired of seeing the same style over and over again? Now, it’s the time for a change. As we set new resolutions and goals for the New Year, we also seek new trends in many spheres and interior design is one of them. By constantly observing and analyzing today’s market we could identify what is new and next in the interiors for 2020. The year of 2019 was ruled by vibrant color space which was further enriched with unlikely mixture of patterns, materials and shapes, complemented by striking design pieces. The New Year would bring new elements of art and design to the horizon that would enrich the lives of individual.

2020 would bring a shift with a new beginnings in interior design. Off trends will become a trend. Highly crafted and unusual materials meticulously featured in furnishing and architecture is gain popularity. Uniqueness should reflect individuality, personality and their story.  The customized solution emphasize on developing a personal style. Some of the new styles would include:

  • Unusual rug would include unexpected materials and will become more main stream. Recycled fibers, straw bales, waste paper would be incorporated in making a rug.
  • Integration of geometric patterns would be an upward trend. It is visible on cups, wallpaper, couches, bedding, art, floor, light fixture and décor. A vibrant and bold geometric pattern will make a strong statement for your interiors.
  • With the growing awareness for the environmental concerns, biophilic designs are promise to create a huge mark in 2020. The rooms are guaranteed to get transformed into ethereal spaces creating rich use of earthy elements including metals, woods, and stone. Organic shapes and natural tones are still the key design elements. The materials of natural wood, recycled textiles, undyed yarns, plush soft fabrics, along with warm terra cotta earthenware will make your home rich.
  • Floral fabrics and wallpaper have existed even before, but there will be huge difference between the floral design trends of 2020. Vibrant color of yellow and other contrasting color of different sizes and color patterns will be a strong attraction that will make your wall pop. 2020 floral are an abstract chic rendition of this interior design classic.
  • A lively backsplash is one the best way that makes your kitchen and bathroom stand out. 2020 is all about bold patterned tiles and colors.
  • Metals are going to take over many elements in 2020 that beautify your homes. Mixed metal décor trend will be pretty popular. Silver and brown metals will work well together, like iron and gold or bronze. The right mixture of metal and texture will make your space stand out in the best way.
  • Maximalism is on its way for this year. While minimalism focuses on toning things down and making it simple and straightforward, maximalism is completely opposite. It is all about embracing the grandeur. Big, bold, bright colors and patterns and colorful abstract paintings will make the interiors more attractive.
  • Navy blue is the new grey to your walls. It provides the perfect amount of contrast for interiors and exteriors in both traditional and modern home styles.
  • High contrast designs are currently having their moment that makes the space look more vibrant and rich.
  • Hanging art in the kitchen or open shelves to display items that shows off your personality will set your kitchen

If there is one perfect moment to update your home, it is the start of new decade. After 10 years of old ways, it is this time to roll one of the top paint colors and refresh your home with fresh interior design. Studio Elements is a one stop place that can re-innovate your home with the best customized solutions to your space.